Pricing approach

How do we charge ?

Pricing is usually the first question someone has in mind but it’s the last one asked. Here we provide information regarding how we approach this.

Our pricing approach depends on the type of project we manage. Typically we have 3 cases: regular support, on-demand support, one time project.

Regular support

In this situation we usually charge a regular fee per month. A resource is provided  working for our clients a predefined fixed amount of days. It normally goes from 2 to 10 days.

Usually this kind of support involves quality system management, regulatory affairs roles. The idea is to support our client when the internal resources are not available to perform such activities.

On-demand support

It is similar as regular support however instead of charging a fixed fee every month, each task is charged by the hour. We apply an hourly rate for every task and the sum is charged at the end of the month.

The same activities as for regular support are covered here. The main difference is that there is no guarantee for the availability of the resource.

One time project

It’s all in the title. We charge by project here. It may be for: technical file, clinical evaluation report, biological safety evaluation report, design documentation, risk management file, etc….

The way we do it is we assign a fixed cost to the project. 50% is charged as a down payment before the project starts and the remaining 50% is charged upon completion and remittance of the documentation and the reports.


If you want to find more about our service, you may visit this page.