About nicolas

My name is Nicolas Clary, I'm the founder and CEO of Kobridge Consulting Ltd. in 2006 when I met my wife in Korea I had no idea it would lead me to this. At that time I was already a consultant and regulatory expert for Medtech companies. I was also an auditor for the French Notified Body LNE. In 2007 I decided to move to Korea to establish a consulting business there. At first I was like most my actual clients : completely lost. It took me a lot of time to understand all the regulatory processes in Korea and fortunately I was lucky enough to find the right people. I am much better now at understanding my clients' needs because I've been in their shoes before. I usually say that I'm a translator. Understanding different regulations helps to explain certain requirements (here Korea vs Europe or US). I can also translate the needs of regulatory professionals to sales professionals and vice versa.

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